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House Hunting: 3 Tips for Buyers

by Theresa D'Antuono 05/12/2023

Finding the perfect home takes plenty of strategy and careful thought. However, with so many important factors to consider, the process can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to make your house hunting journey simpler:

Prioritize price

It's easy to feel discouraged if you don't immediately find options in your price range. Budget is likely at the top of your mind when house hunting, but don't let a number deter you from continuing your search. Housing markets are always changing, meaning price and availability fluctuation. This makes working with a real estate agent extremely beneficial, as they can provide expert advice and often find listings you might otherwise miss. Compromising on price is always an option, but don't give up if your numbers don't match the market right away.

Know what you can change

It's common to find a house that meets your criteria but has unappealing features. Things like decor, paint color and landscaping can be distracting, especially if they don't match your taste. However, you can always repaint and replant a garden after buying the home, so don't let unappealing details keep you from choosing an otherwise perfect home.

It's also important to know what aspects of a home you can't change, such as the location, neighborhood and architectural style. If any of these major issues arise in your home search, it might be time to consider other options.

Ask questions

When you tour a house either in-person or virtually, it's crucial to ask questions. Whether you communicate with an agent or the seller directly, inquire about things you wouldn't learn from a visit. Some examples of good questions to ask include:

When were major systems or appliances last updated or replaced? (Plumbing, HVAC, dishwasher, etc)

How old is the roof?

How comfortable is the house during hot or cold weather?

What exactly is included in the sale? (Light fixtures, window treatments, appliances)

Questions like these can help you identify potential issues or hidden benefits. Try making a list of questions to ask beforehand to help you remember the basics and inquire about other details as they arise.

House hunting is different for everyone. While most buyers follow the same basic steps, the experience varies dramatically depending on your focus. Keep these tips in mind during your home search to make the best decision.

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