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Repurpose old materials with these at home DIY projects

by Theresa D'Antuono 06/14/2024

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Do you have extra materials and trinkets lying around the house? Some items can easily pile up over time and leave your space feeling cramped or messy. Luckily, these pieces can be repurposed to help you reduce clutter while adding a creative touch to your home decor.

Use random items from around the house

Extra Mason jars are perfect for storing a plethora of things around the house. For instance, if you dabble in jewelry making or other hobbies with tiny components, you can put them into jars for safekeeping. 

Glass jars are also great for home decor. With just a few craft supplies, you can decorate the jars to your liking. Within just a few minutes, you can paint your jars vibrant shades to match seasonal decorum. 

Craft useful decor with recyclables

After special occasions and gift giving, there’s usually a fair amount of wrapping paper leftover. Rather than throw it all away, consider repurposing it as scrapbook paper to store pictures and warm memories. 

You can glue this paper to the cover of your scrapbook and add beads and ribbons with hot glue. This DIY project allows you to really personalize your existing items while recycling would-be waste products. 

Use craft scraps to upgrade your crafting area's decor

Consider using leftover ribbon and stickers to decorate bins and other storage areas. For example, you can use letter stickers to label your bins. 

If you have plastic storage drawers, you can decorate them with stickers fitting the theme of what’s being stored. If the drawer is being used for hair products, you could use stickers with spray bottles, hair pins and blow-dryer images. 

Upcycle with 3D prints

3D printers are the way of the future, and they can help bring new life to items of the past. For example, you can use a 3D printer to replace missing or broken pieces from all kinds of objects. This may include old kitchen jars and storage containers. 

Remember, DIY projects don’t have to be expensive or extremely intricate to add a meaningful, personal touch to your home decor. A few supplies and a little imagination goes a long way. 

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