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Here's what goes into remodeling an old house

by Theresa D'Antuono 06/21/2024

When it comes to remodeling, old house projects number among the most common. Increasing energy efficiency, replacing hazardous materials and other benefits come from renovating older properties, but it can be difficult to know which projects are best.

How do you decide which changes to make to an old house? Here are some of the factors you can consider:

Assessing an old house

Before deciding whether to buy, always consult a surveyor before signing a contract. Old homes are often associated with potentially dangerous problems, such as deterioration of structures, asbestos and severe mold.

The surveying company will produce a detailed report outlining these concerns and sketch any necessary repair work. This report will help you understand the potential challenges and also help you budget for repairs.

Home renovation projects: structural changes

It is possible to transform an existing house by eliminating walls and by converting redundant or unused square footage such as basements or lofts. Depending on the property and the budget, you can even convert a garage into a bedroom or office space.

It's best to find an architect or contractor who specializes in refurbishing and fixing old homes. To restore period features and keep the house's original charm, you'll need an expert with all the best knowledge of building materials and techniques.

Increase efficiency, not size

Many old houses have outdated floor plans and inefficient use of space. One of the best things you can do when remodeling an older home is to adjust the layout to better suit your needs - or the needs of the modern housing market.

Making energy-efficient decisions is also a recommended strategy. Replacing old windows with modern alternatives will help keep the home efficient and reduce energy bills. You can still retain the lovable period features of the home while making it more comfortable and functional for modern life.

Are you thinking of buying and remodeling an old home? Keep these factors in mind when considering your options for bringing a dated property into the present.

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