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Real Estate Myths

Myth #1: It doesn’t matter which real estate agent you list your home with.
Truth: It is critically important which agent you select to market and sell your home.
Myth #2: Theresa sells a lot of real estate. Perhaps she is too busy to pay attention to my listing.
Truth: Theresa is very busy doing all of the right things that will get the best results for you!

Myth #3: You should select the real estate agent who says he/she can get you the highest price.
Truth: No…always select an agent on his/her credentials. Market value is a separate issue.

Myth #4: All I really have to do to sell my home is to put a For Sale sign in my yard and an ad in the newspaper.
Truth: The yard sign and newspaper ad, while effective, actually account for a very small percentage of “qualified” buyer activity.

Myth #5: Pricing a home is a mysterious process.
Truth: Your home will sell for whatever the market will bear…Market Value.

Myth #6: Brokers who “discount” commissions can do an adequate job of selling your home.
Truth: You get what you pay for!