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When Moving - Don't Forget To

Cancel or transfer deliveries, newspaper, trash collection, gas, heating fuel, electric, water & sewer, cable television, telephone (both long distance and local service).
Check on personal items that might be at the photo shop, bank safe deposit box, a neighbor’s house, on lay-away or at the repair shop.

Make arrangements for transporting your plants pets.

Save the phone book from your former residence for tying up loose ends.

Transfer insurance policies, or arrange for new policies.

Gather all valuables, jewelry, important papers (birth certificates, deed, documents, etc) to take with you personally.

Have the car serviced for the trip.

Pack an arrival kit of necessities just in case you arrive before the mover.

Purchase moving insurance. Your mover’s liability for lost or damaged goods will not equal their replacement cost.

Appraise any valuable items such as antiques, art pieces, etc.

Check with your attorney about your will if crossing state lines.

Ask for professional referrals if available (i.e. doctor, accountant, etc).

Change these addresses: Post Office, Registry of Motor Vehicles, charge accounts, subscriptions, relatives, friends, national and alumni organizations, church, mail order clubs, firms with which you have time payments, past employer in order to receive you W-2 form.

Save your old address labels to speed up your change of address forms.

Most Importantly: Do not pack anything that you will need for the closing (smoke detector certificate, new deed, paid water bill, paid tax bill, and copy of any repairs that were promised as a result of the home inspection.) Give them to Theresa for safekeeping!